Gulfcoast Autocrossers, LTD

1. Each calendar year season will consist of ten events held at Buckingham

2. To qualify for year-end class champion, the following
    requirements must be met:
        a. Must compete in at least eight events in the calendar year series.

        b. Must compete in at least eight events in the same
            car class.

3. At the end of the series, a class champion award will be given

    to the person with the most points in the class, based on the


        a. Points from the best eight of ten events will be counted

        b. In the event of a tie, the ninth event will determine the tie


4. All results and class designations will be final at the end of

    each event.

5. Points cannot be transferred from one class to another class.

(Note: It is the driver's responsibility to know what class they belong in)